Who is Legends LLC

We are your local gaming shop.
We supply the best in Games, Comics and More.
We can order anything in print with our ever growing
list of vendors.


Concerns, Problems or Questions:

If you have any questions please contact us here
or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.





About the owners:

Legends LLC is owned by the Louisville Investment Group.
They were formed in 2016 with the idea
that they wanted to clean up the Louisville Gaming
community and set high standards for themselves
and their employee's.

The company cherishes values like family time,
freedom of expression, and equality in all forms.

We as an organization understand
that there is a far distance between being any old
game shop and being the best that you can be.
We also understand that sometimes a place
is not a good fit. Don't try and force it, if we don't fit your needs
let us know, maybe we can cut a perfect spot.